Salting / Ice Control Services in Pitt Meadows

In the region named Pitt Meadows, it is very common during the extreme winters for the snow deposition on the roads. This is the time when people call us up as our salting and ice control methods have been successful to handle the road blocking situation during the times of snowfall. If salting is done beforehand, the chances of snow deposition on the roads and streets get reduced.

Since we all know that salt is known to reduce the freezing point of ice and converts it into liquid state. This salting principle helps to get rid of snow and live a comfortable live carrying out all our daily activities regularly. You can contact us to get salt ice removal service Pitt Meadows BC.

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After the snow is removed from the roads or the streets, salting is done so that no more snow and ice accumulates on the surface of the earth. Furthermore even if snowfall occurs, the layer of salt melts the snow without letting it get accumulated over the area. This helps in reduction of slipping and falling caused because of snow deposition over the roads. Many safety hazards can be waved off with the help of salting procedure. We get almost 10 calls and e-mails every day during peak winters and snowfall days to lay salt over the streets.

Ice Control

Our Commercial Ice Control in Pitt Meadows BC, do not let the building up of ice over the surface of the road. In the parking areas and doorways also, we do the de-icing so that people are able to park their vehicles easily in these spaces without experiencing any issues. Our anti-icing techniques are quite famous and have been helping the people of residential and commercial sectors. We save the people from many unexpected accidents that can happen because of ice deposition on the earth’s surface. For de-icing, we use calcium chloride and sodium chloride, which helps to clear out the ice in a few minutes time.


De-icing can be done by pouring sodium chloride and calcium chloride over the area where ice is deposited. Ice-slicer can also be used for de-icing. We perform both the methods with expertise.

Yes, it does help by melting the ice that falls on the surface where layers of salt are already placed.

During the winters, the parking space and pavements can get covered with the ice and the routine life of people will be greatly hampered due to this. This is the reason, ice control services are important to be availed.

Our workers have been handling the salting and ice control services for a long time and provide the most genuine services to overcome the hustles caused due to ice on the roads.

The charges of ice control services depends largely upon the size of the area. Based on the size and quantity of snow, the charges are finalized.

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