About Us


Our company was established many years back and starting with a team of a few people, we expanded our business and work force over the passing years. Our high tech equipment’s help the workers working with us to clear out the roads in a short span of time resuming the normal activities for the people. Our 24 hours support greatly helps the people living in remote areas even. Since we do not shy away from going to any part of Pitt Meadows for removing the snow from the roads. This is the reason we are excelling in the services we provide to our clients from both residential and commercial sectors.


Our highly experienced team of workers do the tasks within a short span of time so that people are able to resume their daily activities without letting their work affected. We update our team as we receive the call or e-mail from a client and our utmost priority is to reach the site as soon as possible. As our people reach the site, without wasting a single minute they start to work.


We believe in satisfaction of the customers by delivering quality work to them. We do not play with our words and rather do the work in a fraction of time. Because we have all the branded high quality tools required for clearing our snow from the roads, this is the reason we are able to clear the streets in time. This leads to minimize the occurrence of any accident and people remain completely safe.

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